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The Infamous 1973 Wife Swapping: A Look Back and Current Updates

In the annals of scandalous sports stories, few can rival the wife swapping story that rocked Major League Baseball in 1973. The protagonists? New York Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. Decades later, the intrigue surrounding the bizarre swap still lingers, with occasional updates shedding light on the story.

Back in '73, Peterson and Kekich stunned the world when they announced that they were trading wives, children, and even dogs. The news sent shockwaves through the baseball community and beyond, sparking intense media scrutiny and public fascination. It all started on July 15, 1972 when the Peterson's and Kekich's attended a barbeque in New Jersey hosted by Maury Allen, a New York Post sportswriter. The couples had such a great time that they decided to continue the festivities at a local diner. Oddly enough, Fritz Peterson's wife, Marilyn, rode over to the diner with Kekich and Mike Kekich's wife, Susanne, left with Peterson. The couples enjoyed themselves so much that they swapped wives on another double date the following evening. Throughout the next year, Peterson and Kekich continuously swapped wives which ultimately lead to them falling for each other's wives.

The reasons behind the swap were never fully disclosed, but rumors swirled about marital discontent and an attempt to find happiness in unconventional ways. Kekich was quoted saying, "Don't say this was wife swapping because it wasn't. We didn't swap wives. We swapped lives."

Fast forward to today, the Peterson-Kekich wife swap remains a topic of curiosity. Despite initial skepticism and judgement, both families seemingly found stability in their new arrangements. Fritz Peterson married Susanne (formerly the wife of Mike Kekich), and they have remained together for over four decades, raising a family of their own. Things did not pan out for Mike Kekich like the storybook ending Peterson had. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson parted ways shortly after the swapping, however, Mike did remarry and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Peterson-Kekich wife swap continues to fascinate because it challenges conventional notions of love, commitment and family. It serves as a reminder that relationships are complex and that people have the agency to navigate them in ways that work for them, even if those ways are unorthodox.

In a world where tabloid scandals come and go, the 1973 wife swapping saga endures as a testament to the power of human curiosity and the capacity for individuals to forge their paths, no matters how odd they seem. As the story continues to capture the imagination of new generations, it serves as a reminder that truth is often stranger than fiction, and that sometimes, reality IS the most captivating story of all.

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